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Your best trip ever, traveling alone or with friends

Not having a significant other doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the best vacation of your life. Traveling alone or with friends are quite appealing alternatives. We’ll show you why We’ve grown accustomed to thinking that not having a partner is a …

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One pieces and bikinis, this summer’s main attractions

Classic, bold, retro…We’ll let you in on this season’s swimwear fashion. The best one pieces and bikinis to flaunt this summer. Citrine Swim / Juicy Couture / Indah / Lolli Zimmermarnn / Zinke / Marysia Swim / Shoshanna In the …

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Charming hotels in the Mediterranean

Today, we’ll go on a journey to get a glimpse of the most charming places to stay off the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea is a complete and total paradise, most of all during the summer. It’s …

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Intense Blue Eyes

Dior proposes a look that will turn your gaze into the center of attention this season thanks to your intense blue eyes. Dior never ceases to surprise us with their makeup products. This time, for a showstopper look that will …

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Bridal Festival

Today, I’ll propose various looks for brides that are going for a natural look, a true bridal festival. Naturalness is one of the most important elements for brides. If you want to look perfect on your wedding day, go for …

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The best astronomical events of the summer

Take advantage of the nice weather and clear skies to enjoy an evening under the stars in the open air. Summer is one of the best times of year to enjoy astrological events. There’s nothing better than those months of …


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Back to the basics with Replay

It’s one of our favorite brands. That’s why today, we’ll show you some of our basic closet essentials by Replay. Top Red / Buttons Red / Top Stars / Buttons Stars / Top Blue / Buttons Blue This brand, the essence of modernity and …

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Best practices for perfect skin

We’ll show you the best products by Clarins to get the perfect skin. Facial treatments are essential for getting perfect skin. Before applying any type of makeup, skin should be in perfect condition: clean, hydrated, soft and smooth. Only then …

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A romantic look to bring out your natural glow

Summer is the best season to show off perfect, luminous skin, but always natural. Today, we’ll show you how to bring out your natural glow. Maintaining luminous skin without any imperfections while staying natural isn’t difficult. However, if you don’t …

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Wrap-Around Bun

Here, we'll show you how to do a simple, original wrap-around bun for a chic look with a romantic touch.


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Our favorites by Adidas

Adidas came out with all the essentials for this season. We’ll show you a few of our favorites. Clearly, if Adidas is an expert at something, it’s sports shoes. With a constantly evolving variety on the market, now we have …

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White dresses for special occasions

White dresses are ideal for summer. With these that we suggest, you’ll look perfect for any special occasion White dresses are perfect for almost any occasion (not so much for weddings, of course) and especially when it comes to summer. …


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The best salads in the world

A healthy, rich assortment of food. That’s how salads are; a cold, appetizing dish for this time of year. We’ll show you 10 restaurants around the world where you can try the best of this fresh, crisp veggie delight. Salads …

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Summer Linens

Summer is here and it’s time to revamp our homes. Today, we’ll show you how with the coolest, most chic summer linens. To be able to enjoy summer to the fullest, our homes should be inviting to relax and stay …


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